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AC&T System의 신제품 AC&T System 2017-09-20

Hello .

We stand in front of customers with our upgraded EtherFOS Series in AC & T System .

The AC & T System extends beyond the ETOS-XP Series , an integrated communications server with performance and reliability

Industry Field Data Server "EtherFOS Series" , the core of Industry 4.0 .

EtherFOS acts as a data server by adding various upper interfaces to the device driver

Key features include: Device driver and information logging DB Client / Server support ▲ OPC-UA support ▲ Web server function ▲ FTP support 

It provides various data compatibility functions .

Family is a EtherFOS-DS2 / DS1, EtherFOS- 1000, EtherFOS-500, EtherFOS-150, EtherFOS-EZ / EZI has been composed .

AC & T System is constantly researching and developing products that are not satisfied with present and can build more various communication solutions .

We ask for your continued interest and expectation from AC & T System .

Thank you .